María del Pilar Chapa is an internationally published portrait photographer and an international yoga instructor & educator from Odessa, Texas.

She is a storyteller who conveys emotion and wisdom through the mediums of dance, yoga, poetry, fashion, and photojournalism for the lost dreamers to feel audaciously empowered to live their own life of riches and see the abundance of beauty and love the world and their own selves have to offer and to remember that abundance comes from gratitude in the growth and revelations during hardships and in the simplistic blissful moments.

When I was 6 years old, I made a decision that I would follow my heart traveling around the world immersing myself into other cultures through the experiences of art.

My love for travel and the arts eventually led me to integrating travel and art in my own healing journey. Through the lifestyle practice of yoga and various forms of art, I have healed from trauma and kindled estranged relationships.

I am a lifestyle advocate, teacher, and artist sharing colorful stories portraying lifestyles that exemplify an exceptional quality of life and enriching life experiences through the medium of yoga, dance, and photography.

My work enlightens the lost dreamer with forgotten dreams and undiscovered potential and reminds the ambitious dreamer flying high in the sky towards the future to slow down, take a walk, and meditate on Mother Earth with gratitude.