Soul, Simplicity, Class and Passion.

Pilar is a fashion and advertising photographer, based in Texas. She has worked in cosmetics with companies such as Lancôme, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Elizabeth Arden, and Mark. Her expertise in fashion and make-up artistry bring a unique style to her work in other genres such as family, weddings, senior portraits, and lifestyle.

"Photography gives me the opportunity to capture my other passions, such as dance, fashion, and culture.

I want to capture the beauty of humanity, sorrow, pain, and all forms of passion. I hope that my approach will change people's thoughts of beauty and of happiness. 

Fashion is a beautiful art that gives me the opportunity to create my vision of life in my work. It is a celebration and enhancement of the natural beauty of a woman.  This very  motto is my inspiration for my work. I want to captivate humanity with my interest in fashion. Simplicity, class, and soul."